For us

A few words about our company.

The company was founded in 1974 . It started as a trade in plant protection products, seeds and fertilizers to farmers as well as providing know-how for proper and efficient cultivation.
It has invested in the production of varieties and so far has registered in the national and Community catalog of varieties, among others, varieties of vetch, pea, livestock bean, durum wheat, barley, cotton.
It develops seed producers .

The research is moving on to other species …

Our specialty

Seed production and research of new crops for the convenience of the farmer

We specialize in the development, maintenance and epidemiological research of the seed. Ecology but also life in all phases of cultivation. Having registered more than 10 crops in the national catalog, we are one of the first and largest Greek companies in the field.


Establishment of the company by Pavlos Agrafiotis. The supply of fertilizers and pesticides as well as irrigation systems begins.


Transfer of the company to larger and privately owned facilities.


Creation of the first varieties. After many years of research, varieties were registered in the national and European catalog.


The company’s product range is enriched with new varieties of cereals, legumes and cotton.